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Signs Having a Boy or GirlFinding out you are expecting is one of the most exciting news any woman or couple can receive. However, as soon as you begin to disclose you are pregnant, there will be 101 different old wives’ tales shared with you on pregnancy. There is essentially an old wives’ tale to decode the meaning of every pregnancy symptom in the book.

Among many of the old wives’ tales that have been passed on from mothers to new expecting mothers is how to guess the gender of their baby even before the doctors can. Chances are, as soon as you find out you are pregnant, you will want to know what you are carrying.

Although these tales aren’t always accurate, they are fun to do. Here are 6 signs you may be experiencing that can help you figure out if you are expecting a boy or a girl.

We have all heard the saying “we are pregnant” to announce a couple is expecting. Although, it is the mother who is essentially carrying the baby many times the dad will gain weight as well. According, to an old wives’ tale if the dad gains weight you are expecting a baby girl.

Lower Baby Bump- Boy

This is one of the oldest yet most persistent old wives’ tale of them all. If you are a first-time mom you may not begin to start showing around 12-16 weeks, which can make this old wives’ tale a bit more difficult to take into consideration. However, if you are on your second or third baby, then you will begin to show a lot sooner and that is when this sign can be taken into consideration.

It has been said that if you are carrying lower you are expecting a boy. Meanwhile, if you are expecting higher you are expecting a girl. Another version of this tale is if your bump is growing forward you are expecting a boy. However, if your bump is more-wide spread you are expecting a girl.

Hot Flashes and Lots of Sweating-Girl

Let’s face it pregnancy is one of those events that vary from woman to woman some women experience little to no symptoms while others get every symptom in the book. If you are experiencing hot flashes and a lot of sweating chances are you could be expecting a baby girl. However, if you are having the complete opposite and are suffering from cold feet or shivers you could be expecting a boy.

Extra Hyperpigmentation on Your Face-Boy

Hyperpigmentation on your skin is a sign of pregnancy. However, when it is placed on your forehead and cheeks it is called Melasma or the “mask of pregnancy”. According, to nearly 50% of women will suffer from this condition. Although, it is a common condition, according to old wives’ tales it is a sign that you are carrying a baby boy.

Rounder Face-Girl

From the very beginning of pregnancy, your body will go through an extensive amount of changes. Although, this is a beautiful thing it is also a scary thing as many of your features may change for the time being. Many moms report a swollen nose or even swollen lips. However, a rounder more wider face is considered an indication of having a baby girl.

Slower Heart Rate-Boy

At approximately the 6th week of pregnancy, the baby’s heartbeat will begin to beat. If you decide to get an early ultrasound at around 8 weeks you may be able to hear the heartbeat. According to an old wives’ tale if you pay close attention to your baby’s heartbeat and it seems slower than there is a high chance that you are expecting a boy.

Before, you officially know your baby’s gender via sonogram why not test out these old wives’ tales and see if they were accurate. Let us know if any of these old wives’ tales have been accurate in helping you figure out your baby’s gender before the reveal date.

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