On this blog, I write about motherhood, marriage, and children but let’s be honest here- I write about MYSELF. I try find the humor in all of what I do because if I don’t, I’d be permanently stuck in fetal position. I mean, my life isn’t horrifically eventful or anything but this shit can be hard! Especially all that kid and marriage stuff. I do not believe in revealing everything about my life through my blog. There are certain events and subjects that are off-limits because not all of my stories belong just to me. However, if we ever meet face to face and you give me a glass of wine, I will tell you everything.

Not too shabby posts of mine

  • Past the Exit
  • Theater of the Absurd AKA Parenting
  • Justified Melodramatic Gratitude (A farewell and thank you love letter to my co-mom)
  • Chicken Soup for the Bowl (Skewering classic kiddie lit)
  • Spy Photos
  • The Rule of the Paci
  • Whatever, Sleep Deprivation

I occasionally write a series called IRL Learning where I combine my knowledge of education with what I do with my kids at home

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