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When I write with my students I always tell them that they need to remember their reader.  They’re young and when they “think about their reader” they are remembering to

  • use good handwriting
  • use correct grammar and spelling

but also, they have to think about entertaining, informing, or persuading their reader.  They have to think about if their writing makes sense.  And so on.  OOOOh, I’m rough, aren’t I?  I teach primary kids!

If I hold my students accountable for remembering their reader, I should do the same thing.  I try to do the same thing.  When I write for my blog, I’m still very new to understanding who my readers are.  By readers, of course, I mean the 2 people who occasionally stop by out of pity (not a plea for more traffic, I swear…  I’ll earn it or I won’t but what’s deserved is deserved).  I believe most of you are adults.  Hmmm.  Not much help.  You are usually parents.  Well, parents are pretty much like snowflakes- all different.  You all like the internet because you’re on it –sometimes- reading my posts.  Uh…

I’ve been stuck on this for a few weeks now and I came back to this thought when I opened Barack Obama’s following list on Twitter (No, I do not remember why I did this.).  Who does he read?  What the hell would I do if BO was actually paying attention to something I said?  What about some other people?  How would my posts change?  I would still tell the truth, I’m just guessing I would be telling different “truths.”

 Barack Obama

Twitter now:  My son insisting on wiping his own butt.  Not as liberating as I had hoped.

Twitter if Barack was my follower:  My son just finished painting.  Now off to backyard for 30 minutes of heart pumping exercise.


Rachel Zoe

Blog if Rachel Zoe was a reader:  Today the kids and I updated our wardrobes for spring…


Chelsea Clinton

Twitter now:  Wait.  Argo doesn’t have a blooper reel?

Twitter if Chelsea Clinton was my follower:  Working on an inspiring current event unit for my children!

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