14 Apr - 2014

by mamaschmama

Two years ago, my family was the definition of overwhelmed.  We weren’t seeing the kids enough and we were drained from work.  We rearranged what we could to make things better but the improvements were slight. During that time, one album was my constant soundtrack.  After the kids were dropped off at daycare, I listened to it and always played the same song before I arrived at work. It was my motivation for the day and my reminder that we had to figure out something better.  In August of 2012, I told myself that this time the following year, things would be better or I would be making definite steps towards making it better. In August of 2013, I stood next to my husband at the concert for that band, listening to my song.  Standing there, in the sticky heat with head to toe chills, I had a moment.  You know, we get a handful of them in our lives.  You’ve had a moment like this.  Where I was year ago and where we were now- living in a new city, under completely different circumstances and we made things better. So, what was the song?  Truly, it’s irrelevant.  Or rather, it’s whatever song you’re associating with my experience.  That’s the beauty of music, it gives us so much, right when we need it.

This post is dedicated to Jen, who got so many of us talking about online music tools when, normally, our minds are full of prose.  Thank you for that and congratulations for knowing when to say “goodbye.”  Don’t even try to comment.   xoxo

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