by mamaschmama

Is my child constipated?  At what age will my child start crawling?  Will my child turn orange if he refuses to eat anything but carrots?  

Please let me add to your list of concerns that you might have about your precious darling with this new checklist (conveniently with 10 items) on the possibility that you are raising a future blogger.  If your child shows 1 or more trait shown below, a lifetime of computer neck, carpal tunnel, and occasional crippling insecurity might be waiting for them.

10.  They do something like this…

and then reflect on how it’s symbolic of their worldview.

9.  They frequently make lists of 10.

8.  They respond to a question you ask, or anything really, with at least a 2 minute monologue.

7.  They have an extraordinary understanding of their feelings on every damn topic, even if they’ve just heard about it.

6.  They meticulously record your every move through memory, photography, or scribbled notes and then tell all their friends about it over a glass of juice.

5.  They have tons of friends you have never seen before and their world temporarily ends when one of their friends “moves away.”

4.  During imaginative play, they constantly ask if someone else had that idea before them.

3.  After reading a book they enjoyed, they chase down all their friends and persuade them to read it.

2.  Their drawings are easily converted into Pinterest-friendly graphics.

1.  When conversing with your child, they wince at the slightest grammar mistake and say something like “I just can’t.  I CANNOT listen to you when you use WERE incorrectly!”

I’ve only just started my research.  Is there anyone out there who has noticed another trait of the future blogger?

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