18 Jul - 2013

by mamaschmama

I wrote about my disgusting car last week and the world-famous* car shaming trend was born.  A concerned reader suggested that I was ignoring a very important group of environmentally conscious urban dwellers who relied more heavily on strollers than cars for toting their kids around (thank you, Deb).  So, today I bring you a stroller shaming because us parents be messy and disgusting no matter what we’re using to transport our kids.

This was taken on our latest trip to the zoo.


*My asterisk is a chance for you to pause and consider the validity of my word choice.

As with the car shaming, I encourage you to shame your vehicle of choice (even if it’s a stroller).  It is kind of like walking around a hospital with your ass hanging out the back of your gown.  I have always felt better seeing someone else with their (metaphorical) ass hanging out because it reminded me I wasn’t the only one.

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