by mamaschmama

Wanting to get a head start on the holidays?

Cut out a gingerbread man shape from brown paper and have your kid glue googly eyes on him.

Take white paper and draw the outline of the gingerbread man.  Have your child paint him in with brown paint.  Cut it out after drying and it will look like they painted inside the lines.

Need to reinforce your child’s colors?  Go through a magazine and find all the brown.  Cut it out and glue on a piece of paper.  Cut out the gingerbread man after the glue dries.

I agree.  These don’t look anything like Ancient Sumerian-alieny sculptures.

Not yet ready to say goodbye to Halloween?  A little pissed that people are rushing the holidays?


Take the white paper and draw the gingerbread man outline.

Have your child fill in the gingerbread man with brown paint.

Add some red paint because what the hell, red is a great color.

Glue dried white beans to the gingerbread man.

Voila!  Crime scene.

A note to my children in the future who have become literate and have found a desire to read this blog:  I love you both forever and ever and EQUALLY ON ALL THINGS.  Yes, I sold you out, my baby girl, on this post with your Dexter art piece.  Just remember that my stomach was turned into a garage door for you, a long long time ago.  If you like, I’ll show you the scar once you finish reading this.

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