27 Oct - 2013

by mamaschmama

I’m a busy person with lots of responsibilities and I read The Mother of All Meltdowns.moamshower

Do you feel motivated to read the book yet?


I can tell you’re already forming a comment for me like “Jean, seeing a picture of you trying to multitask by reading in the shower does not make me want to read a book about Three Mile Island.”

Just hold on.  I know I cannot persuade all of you with one generalized tactic.  As a teacher, I had loads of experience trying to motivate the most reluctant of all humans (elementary students on the day after Halloween).  I had to use every method available.  In this book review, I’ve made various arguments  in the hopes that one of them will get you to Amazon to purchase The Mother of All Meltdowns.

Argument #1 (interests) The Mother of All Meltdowns is not actually about Three Mile Island.  It’s firsthand accounts of mothers who have lost their cool in a difficult parenting situation.

Argument #2 (humor)  This quote is from a story in the book that made me craugh (cry-laugh).


Argument #3 (sense of social justice)  You should buy local and organically grown.  Order this book and support your independent blogger.

Argument #4 (sloth-time)  Read it for a break from your messy life.


Here I am on break from cleaning, laundry, and paying my automobills.

Argument #5 (communal recognition)  Reading this book will tell you  “Girl, you are cray cray but don’t worry, you’re in good company.”

Argument #6 (Honestly?  Fine.  I give up)  Perhaps my review just isn’t getting you there.  Maybe these ladies can convince you.

The Mom of the Year

The Sadder But Wiser Girl

A Cookie Before Dinner

Not Just a Stay at Home Mom

Making Our Life Matter

Not Your Mainstream Mama

This book details meltdowns, a rare occurrence in the life of one parent but a very common experience among parents.  If we freak out too frequently, then it’s called an anger issue and our kids get used to it and will start to emulate our behavior.  A meltdown helps us let go of the stress and make a big point. Most importantly, our meltdowns reveal ourselves to be fallible and that is beautiful because it is real.  Our families and children deserve to see us this way.

I suggest you read this book written by women revealing themselves to be (as we ALL are) occasionally ruffled people striving to give the imperfect best to their children.

Here are the links again to Amazon and to The Mother of All Meltdowns website.

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