18 Apr - 2014

by mamaschmama

Grocery lists that belong to someone else are interesting.

I’ll continue to add my lists to this page and you can continue to spy on them without commenting because that’s fun.  If you would like to share your list, just email me the picture and I will/won’t link to your blog.  If you have things like m&m’s, cool whip, and 24 pack of Coors on the list, I might suggest you keep it anonymous.  But who am I to judge?

Here’s the most recent grocery list, submitted by my sister…given my fondness for using pseudonyms on this blog, I’ll call her “Sissy.”  It was posted by The Kitchn and it is Michelangelo’s Grocery List (yeah, The Michelangelo)for his servant who could not read.  I love this one pretty hard.  Thank you Sissy!

Jen Kehl sent me her list.  You probably know her from My Skewed View or Raised on the Radio.  My duty is to publish and not comment but I do love her handwriting.  Hey.  I’m a teacher and former art student, I notice these things.  Thank you Jen!


My list of cake designs I gave to my husband before he ordered my son’s birthday cake. This is the best grocery list I’ve ever written and I will never write one better than this.


Because they sell camera cards at the grocery store. This is post-shop on a trip where I almost lost my shit.



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