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Here I am at home, doing my job. I keep this part of my wardrobe in the closet when we leave.

Selfie Portrait: Eyebrows, raisins, and dinosaur

Rachel Zoe doesn’t need to style my look. I didn’t starve for a week to fit into my clothes. When I see Nicole Kidman’s eerily shiny shoulders on the television, I don’t feel less-than. I used to and now I don’t. Celebrities are doing their job on the Red Carpet.

Nelfie Portrait (When photographer fails to aim correctly because they’re being attacked by a dinosaur and manages to make nostrils the subject of the photograph)

I created a mom look board if you want to recreate my style for yourself. Results vary but I’m not judging.

Top: Vintage North Face

Bottom: Distressed Target

Feet: Socks made from Muppets (come at me, PETA)

Butt: Dora sticker

Hand: Coffee mug

Toenail Polish: Summer 2013 pedicure

Stain: ”I don’t know, like blueberry and yogurt or something.”

Hair Accessory: Goody hair band (why would I need a Nuvaring?)

Hair: Wet Bun

Pockets: Hot Wheels

Face: Broken glasses

Child: Obviously

Wake up the cats and fill that bowl of popcorn, it’s Awards Season! I had a conversation with a few blog friends about our self image and what we think about all the glam on TV. Think #365FeministSelfie plus Hollywood. The #365FeministSelfie is all about showing women as they are, no filter, no primping, no perfection, and perhaps no makeup. Below, you’ll see all of our “looks” for awards season. Please check them all out!

So we’re asking you, everyday mama, who are YOU wearing? I would love you to write a short post of your own and link up with us.

Click here to enter your link and show us what you’re wearing!

**Late breaking SOTU Selfie. SOTU makes me feel like rage and hope all at the same time. Here I am wearing my pink robe and giving the flat thumb politician gesture (what’s up with that, anyway?).

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