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With all the options out there in your search for the perfect night’s rest, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the many choices and terminology you are sure to experience. Plus, chances are you are conducting your search with an eye that is most comfortable for you, but what if you have a partner? Chances are the two of you are not uniform in weight and size and are probably driving one another crazy each night and not in a good way. Get you head out of the gutter.

Your mattress choices are as unique as how you sleep and your comfort is dependent upon your height, weight, and sleeping preference. If your partner and you share a similar body type and agree with personal comfort levels, and sleep positions, then you probably aren’t too worried about how your choices will affect them. But it’s much more likely that you two have some differences, and if that difference happens to be in weight, then you need to be much more prudent while you shop to make sure you consider the factors that will help you both get a better night’s rest.

Honestly, the best way to determine what mattress is best for you both is to determine the factors you consider comfortable and find a product that meets both your needs. Otherwise, you may both become sleep deprived and choose to drive each other even more towards that cliff of insanity.

There are plenty of mattress choices out there to take a closer look at, including those that provide dual side by side sleeping experiences in both comfort level and material choices. There are also those that are uniform in construction but are geared towards multiple sleep styles and body types. To get started on your search research sites that provide unbiased mattress reviews to help narrow down your needs. For example, Helix is a good option for anyone looking for partner comfort and provides a good example of what options may be available for you both.

Size Considerations

The size of your mattress is obviously going to be an issue since couples usually aren’t too keen on squeezing onto a twin sized mattress each night. Depending on your body sizes, you are most likely going to want to consider a queen sized, or king sized mattress.

Sleep Positions

When shopping for a mattress you need to consider some major variables to narrow down your search that includes both your preferences. Side sleepers almost always prefer a softer surface in order to alleviate shoulder and hip pressure points. Soft surface memory foam mattresses are often popular due to their contouring materials that help keep the spine aligned during this weight distribution.

Back and stomach sleepers almost exclusively lean towards a more firm surface that provides the support their hips and shoulders need for natural spinal curvature. When these pressure points are allowed to sink, they create tension on muscles and other supportive tissues and are a major source of aches and pains.

Body Weight

Lightweight sleepers obviously don’t place as much pressure on a sleeping surface as a heavier body. Too soft a surface may cause discomfort as a heavier body may sink and not be as supported as a lightweight body. In contrast, too firm a surface may cause additional pressure points for a lighter body. Another factor to consider is the heat that is caused by softer surfaces, especially when foam materials are being used. Foams contour to the body and create an enveloping effect, which may also create heat retention. This can become uncomfortable to a sleeper, and their partner throughout the night.

Pain Issues

If you or your partner have any pain issues, you’ll want to address them to determine what may be causing them and if your current sleeping situation has anything to do with their continuation. Many times waking with aches and pains is due to a poor mattress fit, or an old model that needs replacing. If you think your current mattress is the culprit, be sure to avoid similar options that either of you may feel is problematic.

Motion Transfer

One of the biggest complaints couples have is sleep disruption through motion transfer. Certain materials specifically address this issue and illustrate their effectiveness through pretty drastic measures using glasses of wine and bowling balls. Memory foam is particularly popular to keep one partner from disruption one another.

Foams do have one setback for some couple, however, especially when there is a noticeable difference in weight. Since foams create a sink, they have less bounce, and this can interfere with some nighttime intimacies. Hybrid mattresses that have a foam comfort layer, but innerspring system generally have higher ratings in this category.

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